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COVID 19 Update March 25th 2020

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Due to COVID 19 and the Lockdown across New Zealand Total Rehab Physiotherapy is no longer offering Face to Face Consultations. However ACC funded Initial and follow-up consultations will continue with our Clinicians over this time. We will be doing either Phone consults or Video conferencing via Skype to assist those recovering from Injuries.
There is no charge for ACC funded appointments that are done via Video Conference or phone call. We will continue to provide patient information and rehabilitation programmes via our Medbridge exercise prescription software and mobile device app. Our Staff can do Tele-health consultations – please email the clinic at to request an appointment.

The road to recovery step by step

The road to recovery step by step

Remove your pain
Get fast relief and Start moving
  • Assessment
  • Analysis
  • Eliminate your pain and improve mobility
  • Physiotherapy
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Release muscle tension
  • Mobilize Joints
  • Reactivate muscles
Remove your pain

Restore your movement
Correct the way your body moves
  • Protect yourself from re-injury through strength and stability
  • Rehabilitation
  • Biomechanical analysis
  • Correct underlying causes
  • Eliminate contributing factors
  • Restore mobility and strength
  • Clinical Oov core rehabilitation
Restore your movement

Improve your performance
Reach your health & performance goals
  • Freedom to do what you want to do
  • Exercise Physiology
  • FMS screen, Y Balance Test, TPM Active assessments
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Improve stability
  • Exercise classes
Improve your performance

Takes the guess work out the recovery

If you have an injury or chronic muscular skeletal pain you’ll know that it can be baffling trying to find the right treatment process to get get a good level of recovery. Often people try a bit of this or a bit of that and can end up feeling like it’s hopeless. It’s not -at Total Rehab Physio our team provide advanced scientifically proven treatment processes. We focus on measurable results. Specialized training and technology
provide quantifiable treatment taking guess work out the treatment process. This means if you follow the prescribed treatment plan you’ll get great results which are only limited by your level of commitment to the plan. The treatment process below outlines the road you’ll need to take to get better if you have an injury or chronic pain. Call or book today to get your free assessment
Move Well
More Benifits
  • We can fully assess your body and tailor your treatment and rehabilitation using the most up to date research and clinical skills
  • We are certified Y-Balance test™ and FMS™ screen practitioners which was previously only available to elite athletes and professional teams.
  • Our clinic is a certified TPM Pro Centre delivering TPM Active assessments
  • Our Physiotherapists work with elite athletes and sports people to enhance recovery and sports performance.
  • We utilitise modern technology including video and picture analysis for correcting movement dysfunctions and abnormal patterns.
  • We stand by our results and if we cannot help you we will find someone that can.

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ACC Surcharges and Private

Consultation Fees

Private Fee

$89 Bryce Milson - Initial Consultation

$67 Bryce Milson - Follow up

$80 Staff Physiotherapist- Initial Consultation

$61 Staff Physiotherapist - Follow up

ACC Co-payment

$43 Bryce Milsom - Initial Consultation

$32 Bryce Milsom - Follow up

$37 Staff Physiotherapist- Initial Consultation

$30 Staff Physiotherapist - Follow up

Children's Rates (Under 18 years) for ACC claims

$34 Initial Consultation

$26 Follow up